Manufactured and Homegrown

My weekend adventure took me to independent boutiques in LA such as, Otherwild; found in the grungy ultra hip Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park (an oxymoronic head trip). Echo Park, where the floppy Coachella hats and ironic facial hair collide with authentic Angelenos. I picked up a little handmade book there, titled – How to Not Always Be Working – $7.00. The weekend ended with a colorful jaunt to Little Tokyo and to Daiso – a nothing over a $1.50 (unless otherwise marked) Japanese dollar store. The difference is visible in the color palette from the found in nature blues, yellows, and reds at Otherwild, to the nowhere in nature colors, found at Daiso; where one can buy a sorta, kinda, knock off, Comme des Garcons wallet – for a buck fifty.

Otherwild, Echo Park
Otherwild, Echo Park
Crystals - Otherwild
Crystals – Otherwild
Otherwild hand-dyed
Otherwild hand-dyed
Otherwild Hand-dyed
product otherwild
Pink Light Botanicals


Handmade at Otherwild
Handmade at Otherwild
Little Tokyo
Little Tokyo
Daiso Flips
Flips – Daiso
Daiso Clean
Cleaning Supplies – Daiso
Daiso Color
Color – Daiso
Not Comme des Garcons
Not Comme des Garcons

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