My Love Affair With Blue

I’m convinced that it happened over time and from a very young age. I LOVE Blue – every shade, every single one! Maybe, it was the Royal Blue shag carpet in my mothers walk-in closet; maybe, the blue of my Siamese cat Meme’s eyes; maybe, all the sky gazing I did in elementary school; maybe, all the time I spent in the pool in the hot California sun… I could go on and on and most likely I will – but another time and another post. For now, here are a few images that tell a little story about, My Love Affair With Blue.

Cousin Cate and I 1971
Cousin Cate and I 1971
Bon Voyage
My Mother in Blue Bon Voyage
Ezabel in Blue House Dress
Ezabel in Blue House Dress
Audrey_Hepburn_esmorza_al_Tiffany's.bmp - Copy
Breakfast at Tiffany’s Window Shopping
audrey hepbuen breakfast at Tiffanys
Oh, Cat
Grace Kelly
Marilyn Monroe in Blue
Marilyn Monroe


my bedroom walls
My Bedroom Walls



mark rothko blue abstract in blue
Mark-Rothko-No.61-Rust-and-Blue-1953 Museum of Contemporary Art
Red Bird Church
The Church
Sam in Venice, CA
Sam and The Life Guard Tower
Venice, CA
Ave 26 Venice, CA
Under the Sea
Morning Blue
Morning Blueberries
Maison Midi
Blue Bowl at Maison Midi
Art Fair Glass
Art Fair Glass
Is it a donut
And This
Blue House from the street
Blue House in Los Feliz
The Villa
The Blue Room in The Villa
Linen Tote Beach Bag by Independent Reign
Linen Tote by Independent Reign

This tote would be perfect with this room20150531_223951354_iOS


Sam at BRC 2015
At the Pool
Dive Bar by Essie
Day Dreaming in Los Angeles My Favorite Nail    Polish Color, Dive Bar by essie
Dive Bar by essie

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