colorColourTheorist.com is a blog dedicated to inspiring you through color.

The ColourTheorist is Josette Kouyomjian a Californian native. Josie, grew up in the San Joaquin Valley among the land rich farmers and the oil barons but Josie had another calling…

The daughter of an Armenian father born in Brasil and an Italian mother born in France; Josie always dreamed with the entire globe as her backdrop -those  dreams were always colorful.

The ColourTheorist has a varied background in fashion retailing and brand development. Owning her own boutique Tangerine for 10 years inspired her to share her knowledge on branding, merchandising, and spotting trends before they happen.

Josie launched such brands as TOMS, Rebecca Minkoff, and Current Elliott.  Being able to spot a trend and identify a brand is key to the success in buying and profitability as a retailer.

Josie also has her finger on the pulse of social trends.  Researching social tribes, consumer spending, and generational spending. Understanding these groups is an essential “must” to successful marketing and product/ development.

Working in Trend Forecasting with a company that served fortune 500 clients. As well as, Retail Merchandising/Buying for boutiques in California;  Josie is a color wheel of insight.  Earning her degree in Product Development and Merchandise Marketing  from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising she has a strong network of knowledge.

If you are building a brand, developing a product, or building your personal style, The ColourTheorist is inspiration.

*Please note that photo credit is given when possible. All other photos are the property of colourtheorist.com. Please contact Josie (see contact page) if you have information about a photo on this site.

You can find The ColourTheorist on Instagram as josieisabelle, and on Pinterest as Josie Kouyomjian @josieisabelle.

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  1. moving from inspired thoughts to specific examples fulfills the idea there are two kinds of art: Dance and Architecture. Life and shape feeds the aesthetic romance we live through design. Best, Pat Leddy.


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